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- Flax fibre: At Adidas, you will find the highest quality product for athletes while looking for processes and materials that are environmentally friendly. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to innovate. Therefore, a new material come into the world of padel: natural flax fibre. An extraordinarily strong and lightweight fibre, 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

This, applied to your racket, translates into great versatility in both offence and defence.

- Spin blade grit: Spin blade grit technology is a special sand-format roughness incorporated over the entire striking surface.

This technology will help you to produce the best spin and enhance your feel of the ball.

- Structural reinforcement: The rackets are built to last. Structural reinforcement technology incorporates perimeter reinforcements around the entire racket to generate greater resistance to the high torsional stresses experienced during impacts.

- Dual Exoskeleton - Power Embossed Ridge - Smart Holes Curve

Gender Unisex

Colour Brown/green

Weight 360-375 gr

Game level Advance

Shape Round (Control) 

Frame Carbon

Face Flax fiber

Core SoftEva

Surface Rough

Thickness 38mm