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- Flax Fiber: Enjoy an extraordinarily light fibre, 100% renewable and biodegradable. Natural organic flax fibre that provides extraordinary versatility in both offence and defenc.

- Octagonal Structure: Inject maximum power into every stroke. The octagonal STRUCTURE technology is located in the frame and heart of the racket. An 8-edged tube reinforces the structure of your Metalbone to give it greater rigidity.

- Spin Blade Grit: SPIN BLADE GRITT technology is a special sand-format roughness incorporated over the entire striking surface. This technology will help you to produce the best spin and enhance your feel of the ball.

- Smart Holes Curve

- Structural Reinforcement

Gender: Unisex

Colour: Grey/red

Weight: (360-380gr)

Game level: Pro Player

Shape: Diamond (Power)

Frame: Carbon

Face: Carbon Aluminized 

Core: Soft Eva

Surface: Rough

Thickness: 38mm