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ADIDAS padel racket METALBONE Lite has a fiberglass frame and cover. It is an alternative to the Adidas Metalbone 3.1 , which is in full carbon, for players looking for more playing comfort. The Metalbone Lite is therefore an oversized diamond-shaped padel racket. Equipped with a balance at the head of the racquet, it will bring you maximum power on each ball strike.

For spin lovers, Adidas Padel uses two additional technologies (Spin Blade & Smart Holes Curves ) exclusively designed to increase the effects of all racquets in the Metalbone and Adipower range .

The non-linear drilling plan on the head of the Metalbone Lite will allow better maneuverability to accentuate the effects in your shots. Coupled with the Spin Blade 3D relief, here you will find one of the most successful padel rackets in terms of spin on the market .

The Adidas METALBONE Lite is aimed at padel players with an aggressive style, from intermediate to advanced or expert who has good technique. A demanding padel racket, it requires good physical condition. Once well in hand, it will not disappoint you in terms of power and ball speed. Explosive on attack shots, it will make you a successful attacking player.

Comfortable at impact thanks to the use of fiberglass, this quality racquet, once tamed, will make you a danger to all your opponents while having maximum pleasure on the track.

Level: Advanced Expert/Intermediate

Foam: Hybrid

Shape: Diamond

Weight: 365-380g

Surface Material: Fiberglass

Type Of Racket: Power

Gender: Man