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The Babolat Technical Viper racquet is the one for players looking for explosive power to hit sharp technical shots.

Technologies :

- 12K Carbon: Carbon fiber woven throughout the racquet for maximum responsiveness on every shot.

- 3D Spin+: Embossed pattern on the surface of the racquet for better ball retention and spin

- Vibrasorb System: Vibration-absorbing material in the core for improved comfort.

- X EVA: Core with 3-layer construction: outer layers are stiffer for more explosiveness and a softer layer in the center for more comfort and forgiveness.

- Holes Pattern System: Holes pattern worked around the sweetspot of the racquet for better feel and power

Shape: Diamond

Weight: 12.9 oz / 365 g

Length: 17.72 in / 45 cm

Thickness: 38 mm

Player using this product: Juan Lebron