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This Padel racket stands out for its great balance, among all the characteristics of a padel racket.

Using the new, exclusive, and unprecedented asymmetric drilling pattern, it was designed to optimize an ample sweet spot, with a drilling diameter for each specific area of the racket.

The gum in the center of the racket has a unique and innovative technology: a cross borehole.

This borehole in the center translates into a controlled exit with a wide and controlled sweet spot, removing the trampoline effect when defending and giving greater power in a defensive play.

Ideal for players who favor a more offensive play due to its balance and control capacities. Topped-off with CORK PADEL's exclusive patented and exclusive anti-vibration system.

Weight: 360-375 gr

Core: 38 mm

Profile: 38 mm

Format: Teardrop

Balance: Medium

Exterior Core: Fiberglass / carbon / Innegra / Cork

Interior Core: Black Eva soft laminated gum

Structure: Double Carbon

Game Level: Intermediate to advanced

Available Colors: Cork

Cork Surface: Smooth

Rigidity: Medium