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The new collection of Drop Shot padel rackets goes on the market and does so to offer some of the most emblematic models of recent years with ostensible technical and technological improvements in pursuit of a clear improvement. And the Drop Shot Legend 3.0 is a good example of this.

A Drop Shot Legend 3.0 that has an oversize round format to improve an impact zone that covers almost 100% of its faces, a very sensitive and dynamic medium balance to enhance versatility and an unusual performance in attack thanks to the combination of materials. .

Because this Drop Shot Legend 3.0 has a Premium manufacturing that highlights a frame based on Twin Tubular System, faces that combine Rectangle Carbon 24K with CURV 360 technologies and 3D Face roughness and an inner core of Eva Pro rubber from high density that makes the hitting sensation soft, subtle and indescribable.

A model that, in addition, shows a high variety of technological advances thanks to the investment in R&D. TeXtreme on the faces, Power Beam Heart or Smart Holes System on the impact zone, Ergo Pro Protector on the frame or Cork Cushion Grip or Silicone Grip Channel on the grip.


Shape: Oversized round

Balance: Medium-high

Game level: Advanced and professional

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Rectangle Carbon 24K + CURV 360

Core: Eva Pro

Control: 40%

Power: 60%