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The new collection of padel blades Drop Shot sports a wide catalog of options designed to give an efficient solution to the wide variety of players existing on the paddle courts and the Ambition Pro is a more than solvent answer.

An Ambition Pro saga that debuts this 2022 and that has an extensive development in R & D thanks to a studied manufacture where technology is put at the service of the performance and gameplay of all our products.

Inside is the Paddle Shovel Drop Shot Okaido, a padel racket that lives is incorporated into the proposal of Drop Shot and that has a marked diamond format, high balance, remarkable sweet spot to minimize the possibility of error and a high technical sophistication.

And it is that this Drop Shot Okaido has been manufactured with the Twin Tubular System technology in the frame to increase rigidity and torsion, inner core of Eva Soft rubber of low density and soft touch and Carbon 3000 faces of maximum elasticity.

A model of, at its heart, sports the Power Beam Heart technology, to improve the rigidity of the structure, 3D Face on the faces to enhance the effects, and a grip of Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Grip System, two systems responsible for reducing vibrations.

A Drop Shot Okaido aimed at advanced level players and that is intended for those profiles who are looking for an aggressive, versatile and high-performance padel racket thanks to outstanding control and remarkable power.

Shape: Diamond

Balance: High

Game Level: Advanced

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Carbon 3000

Core: Eva Soft

Control: 60% P

ower: 40%