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The new collection of padel rackets Drop Shot 2022 seeks to make an evolutionary leap to what has been done so far in the world of paddle tennis and, therefore, it seeks to revolutionize some of those most emblematic models that have fallen in love with thousands of players around the globe earth.

This is the case of the Drop Shot Power 2.0 padel racket that in its third edition sheds its skin to become an even more offensive, dynamic and powerful racket aimed at the most aggressive players who make the court their natural habitat.

A Drop Shot Power 2.0 that respects its identity and has an oversize round format, an outstanding sweet spot that covers almost 100% of the faces and a balanced and tasty medium balance that allows for a balanced and highly dynamic padel racket.

But, it is in manufacturing where it evolves in 2022 to perform more and better. On a frame where the Twin Tubular System shines, carbon 12,000 and 3D Face faces are made up to give way to a low-density Eva Soft rubber heart and Energy Pro technology with maximum elasticity.

A composition that is tasty to the touch, soft to the hit and energetic on the output that will make this racket a delight for all those who seek firmness on impact, but maximum feeling with the ball.

A shovel that this season also evolves in the aesthetic section and does so to compose a more seasoned and colorful product. On the exposed carbon, it shows a powerful red on the faces that contrasts with the fluorine green details of the heart and the graphic details to play with the iridescent look of their faces.

A Drop Shot Power 2.0 clearly aimed at offensive players who are looking for a comfortable racket, with a wide sweet spot and with an extra range of power for definition.

Shape: Round Oversize

Balance: Medium-high

Game level: Advanced and Professional

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Carbon 12,000 + Energy Pro

Core: Eva Soft

Control: 30%

Power: 70%