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The Drop Shot 2022 paddle paddle collection is a firm commitment to variety and sophistication where the avant-garde is the compass that guides each model that has a marked personality to give optimum performance on the track.

Within the Essential Line is the Drop Shot Sakura 4.0 padel racket, a model that combines materials of maximum comfort and flexibility to obtain a real and natural gaming experience in equal measure.

This racket has been conceived, one more season, with a teardrop format, medium-high balance, a clear tendency to versatility and a firm response when hitting the ball.

Why? Its manufacture has faces of Fiber Glass Surface, a material that improves the sensation to the hit and enhances the rebound, and an inner core of low-density Eva Soft rubber that increases the response to the impact.

In addition, this Drop Shot Sakura 4.0 has the distribution of the Smart Holes System perforations or the Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion grip technologies to reduce vibrations.

An intermediate level model that attracts attention for its accentuated aesthetics where the red tones are combined with the turquoise ones, forming an aggressive and sporty padel racket at the same time.

Shape: Teardrop

Balance: Medium-high

Game level: Medium-high

Structure: Twin Tubular System

Faces: Fiber Glass Surface

Core: Eva Soft

Control: 40%

Power: 60%