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-Latest generation carbon in 24K fabric, developed by Textreme with rectangular format, which allows a faster ball exit and offers greater stability and resistance.

-It is a rubber with greater hardness and elasticity, which provides greater control to experienced players and better ball touch.

-Extra fine and flat carbon of 24,000 monofilaments per strand, resistant and flexible which ensures an extreme touch of the ball to the player. -3D diamond-shaped texture that provides greater effect to the ball, specially designed for aggressive players.

-The double tubular carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with resins with which the racket is made ensure maximum durability and greater rigidity.

-Channel in the handle of the racket where a piece of silicone with a 2 mm super absorbent cork coating is inserted, which reduces vibrations

-Thermoformed thermoplastic sheet that guarantees maximum resistance.

-Curved and progressive hole distribution system that provides a better development of the mechanical forces at the moment of the shot, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.

-Anti-vibration system made with a cork sheet and located in the grip area that prevents vibrations from reaching the player's hand. Latest generation fibers that provide maximum elasticity, impact resistance and excellent anti-vibration ability.

Shape: Teardrop

Thickness: 38 mm

Weight: 350-380 gr

Balance: high

Frame: carbon

Surface: carbon

Core: EVA

Finish: rough P

Layer level: expert