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AT10 LUXURY GENIUS ARENA 2023 developed together with Agustín Tapia.

HR3 Black EVA core of the racket is constructed with a black HR3-EVA foam. The foam has a high density and memory effect that provides greater power in your stroke.

The carbon frame is made of carbon for greater rigidity and durability and using a dynamic structure in the racket's frame, Nox ensures that the difference is minimized when you hit the ball off centre in the racket compared to when you hit in the sweetspot. This gives you a more consistent feel wherever you hit the ball.

With 12k carbon you get maximum stiffness and power from the racket frame and the rough surface is made from pre-molded plastic and ensures you a good feel with the ball and more effective shot. The strap is adjustable and can be replaced as needed without removing the bottom cap.

Extended racket handle for improved grip and the AVS Antivibration System reduction of vibrations caused by strokes outside the sweetspot.

Gender: Unisex

Colour: Orange

Weight: 360-375 gr

Game level: Pro Player

Shape: Tear (Polyvalent) 

Frame: Carbon

Face: Carbon 12K

Core: HR3

Surface: Rough

Pro player: A. Tapia

Thickness: 38mm