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Nox MJ10 Gemelas Atomikas By Majo S.Alayeto

-Majo is a backhand player, with a powerful and aggressive game based on snakes, volleys and spikes. If your style of play is defined by the same parameters, the MJ10 LUXURY will not disappoint you.

-At its core it has the Multilayered Black Eva technology, an evolution of the Multilayered Core that, together with the 12K carbon faces, allows an optimal distribution of the energy that is generated in the hit both in low speed shots and in power shots, thus improving your performance in the game.

Gender Unisex

Colour: Blue

Weight: 360-375 gr

Game level: Pro Player

Shape: Tear (Polyvalent)

Frame: Carbon

Face: Carbon 12K

Core: Multilayered Black Eva

Surface: Rough

Thickness: 38mm