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The ML10 Rough Surface Edition is the new incorporation to the Pro Cup family. It is identical to the "Pro Cup" and "Pro Cup Black Edition", but also features a rough finish with silica sand that adds extra spin. A mythical racket from the history of paddle tennis, now with a new finish to give your game more skills.

It is made with a carbon frame that provides strength to the racket, a dense HR3 Core rubber core that provides power when hitting the ball and fiberglass surfaces with a metallic finish that makes it a very manageable racket.

Player Profile: Designed for players who want excellent control in all aspects of the game.

- Circle shape

- Weight: 360-75 grams

- Rubber: HR3 Core

High-density HR3 Core rubber that increases the speed with which the core of the racket recovers its state prior to hitting the ball, thus achieving maximum power.

- Frame: 100% Carbon

The carbon composite frame gives the to the racket greater rigidity and durability.

- Face: 1 layer of metallized fiberglass and 2 layers of fiberglass

Combination of 2 layer of fiberglass and 1 layer of fiberglass with a metallic finish that provides a rigidity that is between carbon and fiberglass.