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Get ready. Point. Shoot.

As if it were a rifle, the ML10 LUXURY SHOTGUN is a padel racket designed for players who base their game on pressuring the opponent, the attack and particularly the smash. THE SHOTGUN combines its diamond-shaped mould to generate more inertia in the smash with the 12K carbon power and HR3 rubber response, very characteristic of all rackets of Miguel Lamperti a.k.a the “Bahia Blanca Rifle”.

Additionally, it incorporates the AVS lateral anti-vibration system and faces with a rough finish to facilitate impact strikes.

All in a beautifully designed racket that combines carbon with silver and red accents

Weight : 360-375 g

 Frame :100% carbon

Width : 38 mm.

Core :HR3

Shape :Diamond

Layers:12K Fiber Carbon