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Make yours the great padel racket Nox MP10 Gemelas Atomikas By Mapi Sanchez Alayeto, a great padel racket that offers optimal control and power in each stroke. This padel racket is optimal and with an advanced level of play, who are looking for power in the blows and perfect control.

It is ideal for drive padel players who love to be close to the net. In addition, it has an anti-vibration system on the sides of the frame, the AVS, which helps to eliminate much of the vibrations and, with it, the injuries that occur in the shoulder and elbow.


-Shape: Round

- Weight: 360-375 Grams

- Core: Hr3 Core

- Frame: 100% Carbon

- Face: Carbon 3k

- Control: 10/10 - Power: 9/10