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Introducing the AT.2 Genius LTD, the Limited Edition of Agustin Tapia's popular AT10 Genius. It incorporates the HR3 Black EVA core and 18K Carbon that combined provides a plus in control and power.

The AT.2 LTD features the new SPIN+ technology which consists of a rough surface finish that provides a better grip on contact with the ball. This new technology combines two types of rough finish on the faces of the racket, the 3D hexagonal finish located in the center (area where the ball has the greatest impact) and the silica sand finish on the rest of the surface.

The 3D hexagonal provides extra control to your shots and the silica sand finish helps to impart more spin to the ball.

Additionally, AT.2 LTD includes the new SmartStrap® replaceable safety cord system. Improve the hygiene and safety of your racket by easily replacing the cord without losing the warranty by not having to tamper with the bottom cap. More customization options at your fingertips! More information here

Pack AT Genius LTD

The racket is presented in an exclusive case that includes:

AT.2 LTD racket

A wristband

Two replaceable safety cords specifically designed for the Limited Edition pack.

Shape: Tear

Weight: 360-375 grams

Core: HR3 Black EVA

Frame: 100% carbon

Face: Fiber Carbon 18K

Control: 10/10

Power: 10/10