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This racket is made of carbon 3K and the new material Carbon Colours 3K in red. Despite the racket being of soft rubber V30, it is hardened thanks to the texture on the face (Full Plane Effect), as well as from the two layers of carbon. This composition lends itself to the highest demands of the game, offering the best elasticity, durability and comfort in each shot.

This precision is also characterized by the material used within the framework of the racket: the carbon 3K.

This technique strengthens the racket while greatly increasing the control and power.

On the surface of the frame, relief impressions have been implemented to promote effects. In terms of foam, it is theEva Soft which is in the game. Low density eraser, it is tolerant because absorbs Vibrations.

Shape: Round

EVA Rubber: Soft V30

Core: Two layers of carbon: Carbon Colours 3K + Carbon 3K

Frame: Carbon 3K

Weight: 350/385 gr