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Varlion padel racket for professional level, with a tear shape that provides a good balance between control and power.

- And the Wings Diffuser technology in the heart, aerodynamically optimized with a 27% improvement in air passage compared to the previous one, which allows a better control of the racket to direct the ball where the player wants and with more regularity.

- Includes an adhesive Hexagon bumper. Designed and produced through a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb bumps and chafing.

- A mold with a larger hexagonal rough for better effects.

- It is worth highlighting the Handle safety technology, a new safety system for the handle. Normally, in all rackets the rope comes out from a centered hole which is attached to the handle frame, with this system, the rope goes through the two walls of the handle and comes out on both sides of the tip, thus giving 100% safety and comfort to the grip.

Gender: Unisex

Colour: Black

Weight: 340-365

Game level: Advance

Shape: Tear (Polyvalent) 

Frame: Carbon Face Polyglass

Surface: Rough

Thickness: 38mm